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Professional Mold Testing and Inspection

Our team provides professional home basement and crawl space inspections and testing services for mold. It is hard to know when you have a mold issue at home due to the microscopic nature of mold particles. Frequently, the only signs you may see are your family members getting sick for seemingly no reason. Most homes in the United States have some mold growth, and if you notice that your family members are getting sick or you see visible mold, you should have an expert come out to test your home for mold growth.

Having your home tested for mold is a simple process involving our experts coming out to your home briefly to test the areas where mold growth is most likely to occur. Our mold testing system is designed to find even the smallest mold particles, so our team can help keep your home protected longer. Frequently, visible signs of mold can point to a much larger mold growth issue. If you are unsure if you have a mold issue or think you may have visible signs of mold in your home, call our experts immediately for mold testing and remediation services. The sooner you protect your home, the safer you will be.

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How to spot mold growth in your home

Because of the microscopic nature of mold spores, it can be hard to tell if your home has mold growth. Some of the easiest ways to spot signs of mold growth can be a moldy smell or visible mold growth on walls and floors. Look at some signs below to see if your home has mold growth.

Smelling Mold

When you have mold growth in your home, but it is not easily visible, often a moldy smell might be the only clue that it is there. Don’t ignore mold odors if you can’t see any mold. You should thoroughly inspect your home before your mold problems get any worse.

Allergy Symptoms From Mold

If you have mold in your home then you may have symptoms that are similar to allergies. Common allergic reactions to mold can include sneezing, sore eyes, and a runny nose or nasal congestion.

Visible Mold Growth

The term visible mold growth might seem like it can be an easy indicator of mold growth, but often times it is not. Many people don’t notice small amounts of mold growth and often assume that it is just dirt or soot. Sometimes people can simply ignore visible mold in their house. If you can see mold growth, even it is just a small amount, you should take action immediately. Mold particles are microscopic in size and if there is visible mold in your home, then you have a much larger issue than you may think.

Why Should You Have Us Test For Mold

Having one of our experts come to your home to test for mold may seem like an obvious answer. However, most homeowners will overlook the signs of mold growth in their homes. Our experts know that mold can be toxic and cause serious health issues for you, your family, and your pets. If you have a mold problem, you should contact us immediately for mold testing services. Having an expert test for mold in your home is the easiest way to check if you have mold issues. Trusting your nose or watching for allergy symptoms won’t cut it. If you have a mold issue, our experts will recommend a mold remediation process to stop mold growth in your home and clean up any mold.

Contact Our Experts For Mold Testing

If you have noticed any problems, contact our experts online or call 410-934-1319 immediately to schedule an inspection and mold testing services.

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